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Nowadays drug companies stay the fuck away from basic research (basis for applied research) and just buy the research that is near being applicable

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Ce médicament avait mme suscité une polémique, différents groupes féministes s'affrontant coup de pétitions.

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So, take care of your silk garments, we nuked the crap outof China”

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Amiodarone gained slow acceptanceoutside the specialized field of cardiac antiarrhythmic surgery bec

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En dessous de l'ombrelle il y a une cavité qui fonctionne en mme temps comme bouche et estomac

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13.7%; right middle, 12.6%; right base, 11.3%; left lateral 1, 10.2%; left lateral 2, 9.8%; left lateral

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The tubules that were filled with sperm are emptied, and collapse

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However, many women have found complementary medicine to be effective in relieving the symptoms and effects of menopause in individual cases.

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