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In burglary protection, alarm systems are the most efficient. At an attempt of intruder to gain entry into a protected area, motion detectors or door/window magnetic contacts will alarm the central office. The central office will activate the siren and, at the same time, dial preprogrammed cell phone numbers and notice the owner that the attempted burglary is in progress. As a domain, video surveillance is experiencing true expansion nowadays, thanking to a numerous possibilities of direct monitoring, recording and examination of recorded situations. Video surveillance equipment made by world renowned manufacturers provides security, better control, as well as prevention of forbidden activities.

Combining video surveillance and alarm system will give you the highest security.

Voice over Internet Protocol i.e. VoIP represents voice communications and multimedia sessions (video conference etc.) transfer technology through IP networks such as Internet. Instead of classical phone lines, contemporary paths of broadband Internet are used for voice transfer. In accordance with our business policy, our solutions are primarily intended for business beneficiaries. Reasons why you should decide on application of this solution are indeed numerous, and we are using the opportunity to bring up some of them:

IP telephony eliminates technical limitations of number of extensions within your company. Unlike most of classic telephone central offices, now there are no technical constraints in terms of number of extensions that can be connected to the system.
It uses the existing network infrastructure and enables data, video and voice communication integrated into a single, easy to handle, service.
IP telephony allows application of advanced functions that can’t be used with traditional telephone central offices or are subject of additional charge. Some of these include: caller number display, call waiting, call forwarding, automatic call forwarding, conference calls, voicemail-to-email forwarding, fax-to-email forwarding, sending fax by email, video calls, assigning and denying access rights towards outer phone numbers and destinations (abroad for example)…
Connecting with other headquarters (subsidiaries, branches, business partners) and free communication.
Connecting to the central office from a remote location – you are not related to your workplace and your phone can be used at any location that is connected to the Internet.
Simultaneous connection with different telephone service providers (PSTN, GSM, VoIP) and redirection of calls through most favorable route.
Displaying all calls – dialed number, call setup time, call termination time and call duration time.
Total savings can amount to 40% or even 70%, depending on the structure of your phone calls. The biggest savings are realized when calling abroad.

The network represents the basic backbone of every company. By correctly and verified installation of active and passive equipment of renowned manufacturers, and by correct configuration of priorities and approaches, you ensure your company stable operation.

Active and passive equipment is not the only thing that the whole network needs to function safely. There is also the installation and installation of a complete software solution - from routers, servers to every workstation.

Our experts, in addition to all necessary equipment for installation and testing of active and passive network equipment, also have certificates for installations, and provide a complete service of setting up computer networks starting from the selection of the most optimal solution, designing to the final testing. The following photos show some of the solutions, carried out by our experts.

Hoteliering is progressively keeping pace with trends and requirements of contemporary hotel business management. Guests are no longer pleased with classic accommodation with no complementary amenities. For business people, taking part of their job with them on laptops, fast Internet communication is the decisive factor when choosing hotel. Weather their guests are tourists or business people, every hotel that wants to keep up with and meet current quality levels, should provide their customers with additional amenities like: broadband Internet, WiFi, PayTV, SmartTV, Video on demand etc.

4e-Group d.o.o. provides business users with complete IT solutions and systems for unified complete electronic communications. 24/7 technical support, including integration, installation, commissioning and maintenance of equipment and applications from the company's entire portfolio, are also an integral part of the offer. Your offer 4e-Group d.o.o. based on the products and solutions of the world's largest ICT manufacturers as well as on developing their own solutions, relying on strong local teams, regional cooperation and individual access to each user.

Most definitely, new information and communication technologies introduce a new dimension into the hotel business. New term, eHospitality, means new source of revenue for hoteliers, as classic room phones, next to a mobile phones, are losing pace and don’t represent significant source of income anymore. For that reason, hoteliers must consider these solutions in order to provide their guests with maximum comfort and service, creating new sources of revenue and increasing the profit.

If you are thinking in this direction, give us a call and we will recommend you the optimal solution – investment that will pay back very soon.

In the process of realization of hotel smart rooms, we offer the following:

  • Project support for architects and engineers,
  • Equipment supply,
  • Installation support,
  • Connecting elements and programming the system of smart room,
  • Creating user interfaces and associated program support according to the requirements of investors and architects,
  • as well as maintenance and upgrade.

Standard wired solutions are supported together with wireless solutions for existing hotels that require minimal construction works.

Smart room components:

  • external card reader,
  • Electronic locks,
  • Central controller can be placed in room for control of climatization, heating, lighting, water etc.,
  • Internal control console (standard or touchscreen),
  • Card holder for energy savings,
  • Smart cards and pendants,
  • Window detectors,
  • Motion detectors,
  • SOS switch,
  • Thermoregulator,
  • Central application for monitoring and control of the smart room.

In case of electrical energy supply termination from power distribution, the most important supply is provided from auxiliary sources of electrical energy. An example of consumers that must not be left without power are: lighting and equipment of operating rooms, phone centrals, elevators etc. Types of auxiliary sources used today include generators and electronic devices (UPS).

UPS is an abbreviation for Uninterruptible Power Supply. UPS is used for uninterrupted supplying of low-power devices like computers, telecommunication equipment, faxes etc. Generators are used for supplying greater consumers. Types of generators include manually and automatically initiated by the electrical energy supply termination from power distribution. Automatically initiated generators have built-in electrical heaters for the engine, ensuring working temperature and thus full engine load.

Switching of the consumers from power distribution supply to generator can be made manually by drum switch or automatically by contactor. When deciding on generator power, care should be taken on overall power of the consumers as well as their characteristics. For example, electric motors with direct matching use five times stronger power during start off than during its normal operation. Therefore, for starting up an engine of 2.5 kW power, generator of 10kW and higher power is needed. In facilities of greater importance, UPS and generators are installed, where more important systems are supplied via UPS, and others via generator.

Optical cables enable exceptionally fast data transfer between geographically remote locations. Nowadays, the Internet is unimaginable without the use of this technology. Considering the fact that the continents are connected by optical fibers, it is possible to access content from across the globe in a matter of milliseconds.

Advantages of optical cables in comparison with copper cables are:

  • smaller dimensions,
  • possibility of transferring large amounts of information,
  • low signal loss allowing range of up to 200 kilometers with no need for signal amplification,
  • less weight per meter,
  • lower linear density (cable weight per unit length),
  • lower costs,
  • insensitivity to electrical interference, water, high and low temperatures.

On the other hand, ionizing radiation does affect optical fiber cables. Currently, technology of connection via optical cables represents the most modern way of connecting to the Internet and enables using the most advanced services available today.

Within equipment installation, we offer you laying of the optical cables regardless of the way of their installation, as well as services of electrical splicing, measuring of chromatic dispersion, polarization mode dispersion and attenuation profiles. We provide services of regular and preventive maintenance of optical backbone and user-access network, for all of our users and partners.