Our Services

4e-Group d.o.o. provides the services of electrical and electrical installation of strong and weak current in accordance with the requirements of customers and users.

The quality of our services is guaranteed by quality staff, the use od contemporary technologies in the working process and management of processes governed by international standards.

The goal and future orientation of our Company is to become and remain leading partner of economy, on local and regional level.

Commitment of the management is reflected by operating in the direction of the development of company through acquiring new knowledge. Specificity of our company is systematic approach to management by process approach in overall business.

Continuous improvements are carried out in order to upgrade performances of processes and overall business system towards fulfilling requirements and wishes of our customers and other interested parties.

Electrical installations in industry and housing construction
  • production and design of electrical installations for residential and commercial buildings,
  • NN connection and plants (substations, generators, distribution NN stations, reactive energy compensating stations, UPS),
  • production of electrical installations for industrial buildings,
  • implementation of electrical installations in electric motors,
  • servicing of electric motors and installations of high current,
  • production of installations in anti-explosive protection zones,
  • design, construction and distribution of distribution cabinets,
  • design, manufacture and supply of lighting fixtures.
Electrical installation of Ticino system

One of the most common ways to perform electrical installations.
Sistem postavljanja cijevi prije betoniranja u šalovane deke i zidove donedavno se je koristilo samo u industrijskim i višestambenim objektima.

As this is one of the most economical execution of electrical installations both temporally and aesthetically, it has become the usual way of performing in smaller private residential buildings. Wall erosion (stamping) and breakdowns are reduced to a minimum, and thus damage to walls and later recovers. In order to perform quality installations on time, the investor must decide before the construction itself for an electrical installer who will be present during the entire construction phase and on time, ie, Prior to concreting, install the appropriate electrical installation pipes, electrical installation junction and distribution boxes. Often people ignore electrical installations before construction, and when the time comes to introduce electricity into the house, a breakdown, drilling, piercing, noise, and dust phase comes, and all this could have been avoided if the electricians were present in time. When installing the pipe, care must be taken to include all segments of the electrical installation that will be carried out.

The pipes must be correctly and in accordance with the saproins of the profession dimensioned and meet the strength and quality protected before concreting so as not to damage them. You also need to pay attention to both bending tips and lengths, and to place the transient boxes in order to facilitate the subsequent easy loading of electrical conductors and cables.

Today, there are plenty of electrical installers on the market, and when choosing, you need to pay attention not only to the price, but also to the prescribed standards and certifications that guarantee that the installation pipes will be of high quality and satisfy the needs and requirements for the appropriate type of electrical installation.

4e-Group d.o.o. with many years of experience and knowledge of its electromotors acquired through the construction sites of entire BiH, from the very appearance of the type of installation, and by constant monitoring of the development of the system of installations, it performs this type of electrical installations quality and, above all, according to the rules of the profession.

Classic installation of electrical installation

Implementation and adaptation of electrical installations with a classical tear-off system and installation of electrical installation wires, cable distribution and connection boxes with gypsum.
Elektroinstalacije se izvode na novim objektima izgrađenim od cigle i adaptacijama, postavljanjem elektrinstalacijskih cijevi, kabela i vodiča u uštemane zidove i deke.

With more modern tools and devices, which electromechanical devices of our company professionally handle, and such operations that are inevitable in the new construction with ease will minimize damage to tearing walls or breakthroughs.

Computer networks - design and construction

Designing computer networks is a complex task that requires first of all careful planning, which must be in line with the needs of the customer.

We design all kinds of networks depending on their purpose, taking into account the available infrastructure and network, the needs of the contractor as well as the location of individual devices within the network.

Network Types:

  • fast ethernet, 100Mbit/s,
  • gigabit ethernet, 1000Mbit/s,
  • networks built using optical or copper cables,
  • computer networks used in industry,
  • connecting remote networks.

Each active network device, whether it's a router, a switch in a modem, a printer, or a computer, is adjusted according to the request of the customer.

In addition, we maintain computer networks designed by us. This includes removing errors that may occur after network construction, maintenance and repair of network devices, and solving problems through remote access.

TV installations and antenna systems


Antenna system with antennas for receiving TV signals is placed on the roof of the building. Antennas for VHF and UHF (terrestrial programs) are placed on the Ansic pole. Antenna column is a steel column of approx. 3m high, which is anchored to the roof with steel rope and anchored screws. The pillar must be connected to the IP installation using a PY 6mmV conductor.

The antenna selection is done according to the receiving channels of the area on which the object is located. The satellite dipole antenna is also mounted on the roof of the building to the associated satellite antenna carriers. The satellite antenna carrier connects to the IP installation.
The satellite antenna is selected according to the satellite it captures and the required strength of the satellite signal. TV signal receivers, converters and amplifiers are placed in the object as close as possible to the antennas.

Distribution of TV installations with dividers

There are several ways to disinfect TV installation, which depends on the network configuration, the requirements of the investor, and the number of TVs needed in the facility. With the diversification of terrestrial programs and CATV divisions, usually the main coaxial cables in the PVC pipes are laid (through housing) through the stairway. Then, the dividers of the TV signal for 1, 2, 3 or 4 branches (which depends on the number of dwellings on the floor) are placed in the storey cabinets. In larger branch divisions, broadband amplifiers are placed on the branches. In the cable housing, a 60 mm distribution box is brought to the TV outlet.

Implementation of electrical installations for intercoms and video-intercom systems

Interphone systems are becoming increasingly used in a growing number of facilities both in large residential and commercial buildings, as well as in smaller family homes, where until recently they were not represented, but by the development of electronics, technology and the lowering of prices of devices, they became truly accessible to everyone in uncertain times, We are witnessing, more and more, the need for security and control over entering the facility.

Video intercoms are used for the purpose of simpler and better communication with people in front of your door, fence, etc. The system consists of a camera call key and audio communication as an outdoor unit, electrical locks (for automatic opening from the indoor unit), and one or more indoor units with audio communication and monitor. In this way you can immediately see if there is if front
your door is one or more people, who is in front of the fence, without having to physically go to the location of that location, and after checking it, by pressing the button to release the electric locks, the input is authorized.

If you have encountered the need for a simple intercom or for the large intercom or video intercom system 4e-Group d.o.o. It is at your disposal for all consultations and suggestions and solutions.

Automatic control systems

The cost of building a family home, apartment or business object is difficult to evaluate accurately. Usually, the estimated value of the construction (the design projection or the contractor's budget) can be predicted, but both rules deviate from the later realized price. The reason for the small or large differences in the final value can be higher, from the errors in the project documentation to the special wishes of the investor and the duration of the construction (irreplaceable is the same inflation, however small). Every old and old property needs more maintenance. Some maintenance work should be carried out at the scheduled time. The average economic lifetime for new construction is approximately:

  • family house of massive construction: 60-80 years old,
  • family house of light construction: 40-50 years old,
  • city ​​facilities with apartments for rent: 50-80 years old,
  • tenants and business facilities in cities: 60-80 years,
  • business and office buildings: 60 years,
  • sales centers: 40 years,
  • industrial facilities 30-40 years,
  • tenants and economic facilities: 80-100 years.

Looking at the overall economic life of the building, we see that construction costs amount to an average quarter of the cost of living. Consequently, part of the savings due to the automation of the building is more than the investment in the automation of the building. Certainly most of the functional costs are due to the heating and consumption of electricity in the lighting of the facility, therefore the KNX / EIB intelligent installation is a good business decision. Long-term can save 30% of operating costs compared to conventional electrical installations, in some cases up to 50%. Investing in an intelligent KNX / EIB installation comes back after 2-6 years of use of the facility.

The most difficult decision for an investor is the choice of equipment or protocol, because automation is highly efficient when we use all the capabilities of the embedded system, and not just a part of them. Systems based on KNX / EIB technology are most suitable for residential and business facilities, however, LonTalk, BacNet and Profibus standards are better for the automation of production processes and large facilities. We must be aware of the fact that more complex systems are more expensive to maintain and less flexible. Required installations for the implementation of the KNX / EIB system are simple, and the subsequent upgrade also does not require a larger operation. The reason is in the concept of the system, where the KNX / EIB equipment connects directly to the BUS line.

Investing in intelligent installations is not only more comfortable and more economical, but contributes to a smaller discharge of polluting gases, as 75% of electricity is produced using fossil fuels.

The present situation of man makes us not to look in advance, but how to put an end to the end, but when we think about the savings that a smart installation brings us in the long run, we see that it is worth paying off to invest in it. For any questions, feel free to contact us in order to find the best solution for your energy-saving and most modern comfortable home.

Optical cables provide extremely fast data transfer between geographically distant locations. Today's Internet would be virtually unimaginable without using this technology. Thanks to the fact that continents are connected by optical fibers, it is possible to access content from the other end of the planet in just a few milliseconds.

Advantages of optical cables in comparison with copper cables are:

  • smaller dimensions,
  • the ability to convey large amounts of information,
  • a little weakening of the signal that allows reaching up to 200 km without signal amplification,
  • less weight per meter,
  • lower linear density (cable weight per unit length),
  • lower costs,
  • insensitivity to electrical faults, water, low and high temperatures.

On the other hand, ionizing radiation does affect optical fiber cables. Currently, technology of connection via optical cables represents the most modern way of connecting to the Internet and enables using the most advanced services available today.

Within the installation of equipment, we offer fiber optic cabling services regardless of the way they are installed, as well as split and measurement services for chromatic dispersion, dispersion of polarization mode and weakening profile. We provide our customers and partners with regular and preventive maintenance of optical mains and access networks.

Our suppliers are renowned domestic, European and global distributors and manufacturers of IT equipment. Thanks to efficient logistic solutions, we are able to offer the best prices for the goods we sell. We keep only the best quality goods on the market with exceptionally favorable prices, which is confirmed by a large number of regular customers, and the constant growth of new ones.
Our offer covers all well-known brands in the IT industry segment. From the very beginning, our mission is closely related to the IT market. Listening to the needs of the market and adapting to the needs of the users, we are developing into a company that can offer its customers a complete IT solution, relying, either on their own personnel, experience and offer, or on a reliable and proven network of our partners with whom we are dealing with exceptional relationships.

The equipment is procured according to the needs of the project, from domestic or foreign long-term partners. Depending on the object to the object, different types of equipment, strengths and the like are selected. Each piece of equipment was carefully chosen for the needs of the project.
Installation includes installation of equipment to the facility and configuration of complete equipment. The correctness of all parts is also tested, considering the possibility of canceling certain parts of the system. There should be no flaws in the assembly and selection of the system that would disable the completion of the work, done in the case of remote locations and the inability to quickly purchase new equipment.

Configuring local computer networks

  • Connecting computers to a local network,
  • Configuring all computers in the network for interaction,
  • Configuring Windows Server,
  • Configuring Exchange Server,
  • Configure Backup to NAS,
  • Configuring network printers and scanners,
  • Configure Internet output over the network.

Configure access to a local network from a remote location via the Internet

  • Configuring VPN routers for secure connection of two separate offices into one virtual local network over the Internet,
  • Configuring VPN routers for secure connection of individual mobile users to the local network of offices via the Internet,
  • Configuring a VPN router to securely connect a home computer to a local office network over the Internet.

Performing local computer networks

  • Setting up channels,
  • Installing UTP / FTP cables,
  • Installing mains sockets,
  • Setting up a communication cabinet,
  • Setting the junction and switch,
  • Connecting the UTP / FTP cable between the connection point and the sockets.

Maintaining an IT system in today's business flows of using information technology is no longer a matter of prestige but is integrated into the daily business of the entire vertical of the business world.
Technology shortens the response time and reduces the price of products and services, and possible mistakes minimize the price especially in the repairs.
Preventive maintenance consists of regular monitoring and maintenance of the vitality of information technology in terms of checking all patch, service pack, antivirus program definitions, data backup, drivers, registry, checking the correctness of hard disks, RAM and similar.

In our company, we are aware that after sales, service support is crucial for a good business relationship. Therefore, we give special emphasis to our service sector. From the first installation and through the lifetime of the device, the service is the most important companion segment.
4e-Group d.o.o. is available to you for all hardware and software issues that occur on a device. The service department is composed of educated experts with many years of experience in servicing IT equipment.

Business consulting is a practice that helps organizations improve their performance, primarily by analyzing existing organizational issues and developing development plans. Organizations can rely on business consultancy services that can help with organizational change, development, and coaching skills or service improvements. Some of the benefits that we want to highlight are:

  • Finding and contacting the best suppliers of goods and services,
  • Pricing Negotiations and Payment Control,
  • Organizing and minimizing costs
  • Finding employees, hostesses, ...
  • Help with import procedures,
  • Preparation of documentation (studies and technical documentation),
  • Control over performance,
  • Project management,
  • Technical assistance,
  • Transfer tehnologije,

and other services depending on clients request.