HIKVISION Video Surveillance

The new "Easy IP" solution simplifies installation for all users. NVRs with embedded POE switch mean that there is no need for a separate power cable for each camera. One 4MP panoramic fisheye camera allows you to cover the entire store or office space and you do not need to mount a few fixed cameras. There are also diving cameras, as well as cameras with motorized lenses and PTZ cameras.

Easy connection
Not only does POE mean that only one Ethernet cable per camera is sufficient, the "Easy IP" solution also includes a complete range of Wi-Fi cameras and NVRs that offer auto detection, auto-connectivity, and easy access. Also, NVRs with built-in POE power supply automatically assign IP addresses to each connected camera and thus reduce the time of release to work on larger installations.

Easy to keep video clips
With the on-board storage option available on many cameras, the "Easy IP" solution also delivers efficient codecs that reduce network load and storage requirements. This is especially important in systems with high resolution IP cameras where bandwidth issues and storage costs can play a decisive role. A standard H.264 camera with full HD 1080p resolution for a month's recording can take up to 1.2 TB of space. The Hikvision H.264 + optimized "Smart Codec" technology helps reduce the demand for up to two-thirds of storage, so full HD 1080p resolution can only occupy 462 GB.

Easy and advanced viewing and management
All Hikvision "Easy IP" cameras support EZVIZ Cloud - P2P service, which allows remote access to your mobile device. This means you can view live video as well as any footage from anywhere, as long as you have access to the internet. EZVIZ also supports "Intelligent Alarm" so any unauthorized access can be properly recognized and processed.

Choice of camera
The "Easy IP" range of external and internal cameras is designed to meet a variety of requirements, whether bulleted, dome, panoramic, cube or PTZ cameras.