Electrical installations in industry and housing
production and design of electrical installations of residential and commercial buildings,
LV connection and plants (substations, generators, LV substations, reactive energy compensation stations, UPS),
production of electrical installations of industrial facilities,
execution of electrical installations in electric motor drives,
servicing of electric motor drives and installation of high current,
construction of installations in explosion protection zones,
design, manufacture and scheme of power supply cabinets,
design, manufacture and supply of lighting fixtures.

Electrical installations with Ticino system

It is one of the most common ways to perform electrical installations.
The system of laying pipes before concreting in slate blankets and walls was until recently used only in industrial and apartment buildings.

As this is one of the most economical performances of electrical installations, both in terms of time and aesthetics, it has become a common way of performing in smaller private residential buildings. The deepening of the walls (trimming) and the performance of penetrations were reduced to a minimum, as well as the damage to the walls and later repairs. In order to perform this type of installation on time in a quality manner, the investor must decide before the construction itself for the contractor of electrical installations who will be present during the entire construction phase and on time, ie. before concreting, install appropriate electrical installation pipes, electrical connection and junction boxes. Often people neglect electricians before construction so when the time comes to bring electricity into the house comes the phase of breaking, drilling, pounding, noise, dust, all of which could have been avoided had the electricians been present on time. When laying the pipes, care should be taken to cover all segments of electrical installations to be reported.

Pipes must be properly and in accordance with the regulations of the profession dimensioned and meet the strength and quality protected before concreting so as not to damage them. You should also pay attention to the bending angles and lengths, and put through boxes for later easier insertion of electrical conductors and cables.

Today, there are many contractors of electrical installation pipes on the market and when choosing you should pay attention not only to the price but also to the prescribed standards and certificates that guarantee that the installation pipes will be high quality and meet the needs and requirements for the appropriate type of electrical installation.

4e-Group d.o.o. with many years of experience and knowledge of its electricians acquired on construction sites throughout BiH from the very appearance of ticino installations and constant monitoring of the development of ticino installations quality and above all according to the rules of the profession performs this type of electrical installation.

Classic electrical installation

Execution and adaptation of electrical installations with a classic slotting system and installation of electrical installation conductors, wiring of junction and junction boxes by plastering.
Electrical installations are performed on new buildings built of brick and adaptations, by placing electrical pipes, cables and conductors in the reinforced walls and blankets.

With more and more modern tools and aids that are professionally handled by the electricians of our company, and such interventions that are inevitable in new construction will easily perform with minimal damage when cutting walls or breakthroughs with quality.